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Terms and Conditions



I will: -

Stay committed and dedicated to the program;

Be honest, truthful and professional;

Ask for advice before any major decision; 

Provide the Coach with the required business information, such as financial statements and success sheets;

Be realistic with results;

Test and measure all aspects necessary or agreed upon between myself and the Coach;

Discuss all concerns regarding the programme with the Coach immediately;

Keep to my appointments

Invest in myself as well as in my business;

Do what I say I will do.

Finish what I start.



 This is an agreement between Bertus de Wet Refocus Coach (hereinafter referred to as “the Coach”) and the Client, whose details appear on the checkout section and payment section, whereby the Coach agrees to provide various services, as more specifically detailed hereunder, in order to maximise the personal and business potential of the Client.


The relationship between the Coach and the Client is co-creative, meaning that both are equals in the Coaching process.

The Coach will facilitate the development of personal, professional and business goals.

The Coach undertakes to educate the Client provide the tools, techniques and strategies during the program in order for the Client to achieve the goals.

The Coach will continue to hold the Client accountable and provide the Client with guidance in order to achieve the goals;

The Coach guarantees that he will keep all information confidential between the Client and himself on all areas within our control and internal systems.


Programs Offered

As per description of landing page and product information.

Also available on the checkout page


Responsibilities of the Client

Whilst the Coach is the accountability partner, facilitator and mentor, it is the Client’s responsibility to appropriately and correctly implement the tools, techniques and strategies provided to him / her in the Coaching sessions.

The Client undertakes to attend all sessions scheduled between him/her and the Coach.

One to one sessions can be rescheduled if a postponement is requested within 24 hours of the designated session and will be re-scheduled at the availability of the Coach.

The Client undertakes to spend at least 30 minutes per day working on the business using the strategies supplied to him / her in the Coaching sessions.

Whilst the Coach is available, during Coaching sessions, to provide guidance and advice relating to any situations which may arise in the day to day running of the Client’s business, the Client is to ensure that crisis management remains his / her responsibility.

The Coaching provided by the Coach is not designed to be a “quick-fix” and the Client acknowledges that he understands that the program is to create awareness and educate the Client.


Payment of fees

Payment of the monthly fee is payable on the PayPal service.

Service of any program or Service must be paid no later than the 2nd of the month or by way of electronic transmission, alternatively, by way of debit order as arranged with the Coach.

When debit order return because of insufficient funds or rejected, then the client will be responsible for a $20 admin fee.

The Coach reserves the right to cancel the Coaching session in instances where payment has not been made in accordance with this agreement.

In instances where the Client wishes to cancel this agreement, he / she understands that he will be liable to make payment during the 30 day notice period, whether he / she attends the sessions or absconds.

When Client wishes to cancel this agreement before the 12 month cycle, he/she will be liable for 50% of the outstanding amount.



The Coach Guarantees that he will provide the tools in putting systems in place within the Client’s business to ensure that the business can grow;

The Coach guarantees that he will keep all information confidential within the group or between the Client and himself.

The Coach will guarantee that he the client will receive a 200% Return on their Investment within 12 Months or the Coach will provide a refund in full, subject to the following conditions:

The Coach will receive a complete set of financial statements for 12 months prior to Coaching having commenced as well as during the Coaching process; In order to determine the turnover of the Client, the Client undertakes to provide the Coach with a full set of financial records, in the format as agreed to between the parties, on a monthly basis by no later than the 7th day of the month;

The Client will maintain and keep management accounts for 12 months prior to Coaching having commenced as well as during the Coaching process;

The Client will provide the Coach with the necessary business vitals, to be determined by the Coach;

The Client will complete all homework and apply all of the learnings that he agrees to on the success sheets, as provided in the Coaching sessions;

The Client remains in the program for at least 12 months;

All fees are paid on time.

The client will read one hard cover book per month and listen to one audio book per month (Mainly 2 books per month).


 General provisions

This agreement will commence on the date of purchase and will continue until terminated by the Client.

This agreement may be terminated by either party, for whatever reason, provided that where the Client cancels the agreement, he provides the Coach with one month’s notice and if cancelled before the 12 months cycle, the client will be liable for 50% of the outstanding month fees.

Fees are subject to increase by 10% per annum;

Whilst the Client may elect, during the program, to upgrade to a higher program, such an upgrade is subject to the Coach’s discretion.

No Client may downgrade their program, save for where the Coach permits such a downgrade.

Any change to the program during the tenancy of this agreement, must be in writing.

The intellectual property, documents, manuals (hereinafter referred to as “program material”) which the Client receives and / or acquires during the terms of this agreement is confidential and remains the property of the Coach. The program material may not be distributed, copied or adapted save for use within the Client’s company as part of the program where necessary.

The Client understands that he may not sell the program material to any other businesses unless he /she has an affiliated link.

The Coach’s role is advisory and, whilst the Client is advised to, the Client is not obligated to utilise any of the tools, techniques or strategies provided by the Coach.

The Client understands and acknowledges that there may be some weeks where no sessions are held in light of the Coach’s commitments and that these missed sessions will not have any impact on the fees as prescribed above.

The Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Coach harmless from and against any losses, damage or harm resulting from activities related to the program, or the consequences of such program.

This agreement is governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

For purposes of this agreement, including the giving of notices in terms hereof and the serving of legal process, the Client’s address as reflected herein are to be considered their respective chosen domicilum citandi et executandi.

This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this agreement shall not be binding on either party except to the extent incorporated in this agreement.

Any modification of this agreement or additional obligation assumed by either party in connection with this agreement shall be binding once accepted and first payment has gone through.

The Client agrees that all information that is shared on the group coaching sessions will be available to anyone that signs up for any of the programs.

The Client agrees that all information shared on the Refocus Adventure Tribe will be available for everyone on the program.

The Client agrees that all video recordings from group coaching sessions belong to Bertus de Wet Refocus Coach to use as he sees appropriate.

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